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Celebrations as councillors agree Glamis Hall transfer

Published Tuesday, 09 December 2014

Wellingborough councillors have unanimously agreed that Glamis Hall will be transferred to the community.

Community group Glamis Hall for All applauded as members of the council confirmed that the freehold of the building would be transferred to them after the council stops running services from there at the end of the year.

It was also confirmed that the group would be given a one-off capital grant of up to £250,000 to help repair and refurbish the 40-year-old building.

The group now hopes to reopen the centre in the spring.

Around 40 people attended the council meeting to hear the final instalment in an issue that’s been going on since the beginning of the summer.

The council agreed in June to close the building as it was no longer fit for purpose, and running the discretionary day care service was unaffordable and not properly meeting clients’ needs.

Campaigners then gathered a 10,000 signature petition opposing the closure and, after weeks of talks with the council, the Glamis Hall for All group presented a business plan explaining how they could run the building as a community hub if it was transferred to them.

A special meeting of the resources committee was held on 19 November to discuss the business plan. After a short debate, the committee unanimously recommended that the freehold transfer and the grant of up to £250,000 go ahead.

The recommendation was confirmed at a meeting of the full council this evening (9 December).

As the recommendation was agreed, council leader Cllr Paul Bell said: "I’d like to thank the campaigners that have worked so hard to get this far. There’s still a lot more work to do but I’d like to move the recommendation that Glamis Hall is transferred to Glamis Hall for All as of tonight. I congratulate the group and on behalf of the whole council wish them every success."