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Flytipping prosecution

Published Thursday, 25 October 2012

A Wilby man has been prosecuted by Wellingborough Council for flytipping. Adam Furnell, 20, appeared at Wellingborough Magistrates Court last week and was fined £565 for dumping a van load of rubbish earlier this year.

Wellingborough Norse, the company that carries out environmental services on behalf of the council, was told back in March that rubbish had been dumped at the entrance to a business site on Sywell Road, Wellingborough. After going through the rubbish, which included a bed, mattress, and bags of general household waste, Norse officers found letters that could be traced to an address in Priory Road.

The owner of the Priory Road address told officers she had cleared the house following the departure of her tenant, and that a friend of her husband had paid Mr Furnell £180 to dispose of the rubbish. Mr Furnell was interviewed under caution by Norse officers, where he denied dumping the rubbish and said he had declined the request to dispose of it in his van as there was too much.

Following statements by both the owner of the Priory Road address, as well as the friend who had paid Mr Furnell, it was decided there was enough evidence to go ahead with a prosecution. At the magistrates court Mr Furnell pleaded guilty to not exercising a duty of care in respect of the disposal of the rubbish, and was fined £400 plus £150 costs and a £15 victim surcharge.

Councillor Peter Morrall, chairman of the Wellingborough Council's community committee, said: "Flytipping is a criminal offence. It makes an area look horribly untidy, it can present a health hazard, and it wastes a lot of taxpayers' money to clear it up. We will always remove flytipping once it's reported to us, and then we will try and find out who was responsible for dumping it so we can prosecute them.

"Residents should also be aware that they can be prosecuted even if they don't actually dump the rubbish themselves. If they are found to have failed to take the proper care in disposing of it - and that includes handing the responsibility over to someone else - they can still be liable. People should not be tempted to hand over their rubbish to someone who offers to take it away for a bargain price, as in all probability the waste will be dumped illegally somewhere. Always check whether the person you're contracting is a registered trade waste carrier. In this case, the cooperation of the householder and the friend meant that they escaped prosecution, but only just."

To report flytipping call Wellingborough Norse on 01933 234 520.