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Council launches new system to encourage feedback

Published Wednesday, 01 August 2012

Wellingborough Council is launching a new way for people to give feedback on council services this week.

The new system, which goes live on 1 August, encourages residents to give their opinions in a quick and easy way and will be used to review and improve customer satisfaction.

The council previously had a system for dealing with complaints but wanted to expand that to allow for a wider range of opinions. Under the new procedure, general feedback can be given in a number of different ways on all council services, whether provided directly or through a contractor. Residents will clearly see how their feedback will be dealt with and how, if necessary, it will contribute to changes in the way things are done.

Rather than simply concentrating on complaints, the new system allows people to give compliments about the service they've received, as well as make more general comments and suggestions for ways that things could be improved. When dealing with complaints, whether they are about the standard of service or about council decisions, the new simplified system lets people know exactly how the complaint will be investigated and what they can expect at every stage of the investigation.

Council leader Paul Bell said: "We welcome feedback from the public. It's a very important part of how we review our services and we can only improve if we know what people really think. We know that some people may feel a bit daunted about making a complaint or giving constructive criticism, so we hope this new system will make it all a bit clearer and easier. We want to reassure people that giving feedback won't result in anyone being treated differently or less favourably."

Compliments, comments and complaints can be made in person by completing a form at council receptions. Feedback can also be given over the phone, by email, by letter, through the council's website, or through a councillor, MP or the Local Government Ombudsman.