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Wellingborough’s council tax collection above average

Published Friday, 25 March 2011

Council tax collection rates in Wellingborough are higher than the regional and national average, according to latest figures. This means that the council collects a significant amount of the tax it i

The government's Department of Communities and Local Government figures state that for 2009-2010 (the last year for which figures are available), the average collection rate for England was 97.1%, and for the East Midlands it was 97.5%. In the same period, Wellingborough Council collected 97.8% of its council tax, and later collected a significant amount more so that only 0.2% of 2009-2010 council tax debts had to be written off.

Wellingborough Council bills householders for tax payable not only to the council, but also the Police Authority, Northamptonshire County Council, and parish councils. In 2009-10 a total of nearly £33 million of council tax was collectable by Wellingborough Council. In the collection year £805,000 was still outstanding, but after further effort only just over £66,000, or 0.2%, of the total had to be written off. Of this amount, £9,500 was written off due to bankruptcy and around £5,000 because the person responsible for the debt either died or was sent to prison. Just over £51,000 was written off because there was no trace of the person and it was uneconomic to pursue.

Councillor Paul Bell, deputy leader of the council said: "We are very proud of our council tax collection rates. The vast majority of people pay on time, which means that we are able to pay for public services as planned and budgeted. For those few that don't, we will work with them if they are in difficulty and there are lots of ways we can help. In other cases, where necessary, we may use enforcement such as court judgements. We will continue to chase outstanding payments until they are either collected or written off. As these figures show, we don't write off very much at all. Our services are accessible and available for everybody and we believe it is only fair that everyone pays their share, which is why our collection rates are so high."

If anyone is worried about paying their council tax, they should contact the council as soon as possible on 01933 231 690 or email counciltax@wellingborough.gov.uk