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Alleyway gate installed after Wellingborough community raises concerns

Published Thursday, 04 March 2021

A gate has been installed in Olympic Way, Wellingborough, in response to concerns from members of the public that an alleyway in the area was being used for anti-social behaviour and drug dealing.

In recent months, members of the community raised concerns to officers and councillors about problems related to the alleyway, which is near a local school and a doctor’s surgery. It was being used to deal drugs from, to fly tip in, and had become a hotspot for anti-social behaviour.

The Borough Council of Wellingborough and Northamptonshire Police took action and a steel gate was installed this week, cutting off access to the alleyway to all members of the public.

Neighbourhood Policing Sergeant, Chris Stevens, said: “This alleyway has been causing us problems for a long time and this was reflected in the number of complaints we, and the local council, were receiving about it.

“Listening to the community and responding to their concerns is the most important part of neighbourhood policing, and this gate is a direct result of this kind of engagement.

“It also improves the look and feel of the area, something which we’re working hard on as part of Operation Revive.”

Councillor Martin Griffiths, Leader of the Council, said: “This project demonstrates how partner agencies and the local community can work together to identify and resolve local areas of concern. The aim is that similar collaborative work will continue to occur as part of Operation Revive.”

Operation Revive is a multi-partnership project involving the Borough Council of Wellingborough, Greatwell Homes, Social Care, Northamptonshire Fire and Rescue Service, health and mental health services, which looks to address the issue of rising violence and anti-social behaviour in Wellingborough.