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Housing Delivery Increases in Wellingborough

Published Tuesday, 23 February 2021

Housing delivery across the Borough of Wellingborough has increased year-on-year for the past three years.

Housing delivery across the Borough of Wellingborough has increased year-on-year for the past three years – and as a result the Borough Council of Wellingborough has passed the government’s Housing Delivery Test. This achievement follows the recent current placing of the Borough Council of Wellingborough as the very top performing planning authority in the country in December 2020.

Delivery is assessed against a Government formula for housing requirements, and housing delivery for the last three years has been 274 homes (2017/18), 341 homes (2018/19) and 360 homes (2019/20). The annual delivery rate has increased for the third consecutive year. This gives The Borough Council of Wellingborough a score of 105% - which is above the 100% score required by the government.

Councillor Martin Griffiths, Leader of the Council, said: “I am delighted that new homes are coming forward at an increased rate within the Borough and along with those homes comes the important infrastructure to support our residents and communities. This improvement has happened as a result of the work and decisions of the planning committee and the planning teams, and the commitment of our partners, and the contributions of applicants and their agents. There has been significant housing delivery across the Borough over the three-year period covered – including much needed affordable homes in our urban extensions at Stanton Cross and Glenvale Park. Further progress is expected when we consider other applications approved recently within the town and in a number of the villages within our Borough.

Cllr. Griffiths added: “I have been heartened over the past year at the way many applicants have submitted planning applications which will enable future delivery to increase further thereby supporting the local economy, and providing the opportunities of new housing for local people – whether they are looking for outright purchase, getting their foot on the property ladder through shared ownership, or requiring a home set at an affordable rent.”