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Wellingborough skatepark proposals – what do you think?

Published Thursday, 21 January 2021

The Borough Council of Wellingborough is excited to present the new proposed skatepark design for Bassett’s Park that will be delivered in collaboration with Bendcrete Skateparks Ltd.

Skateboarding is enjoyed by all ages and is now recognised as an Olympic sport. Providing an excellent facility in Wellingborough is important to all our generations to encourage them to use the facility and build their skills.

Bassett’s Park is an ideally located park with easy access for people from all areas of Wellingborough. The park currently has a small skate park which needs major updating and repair.  It is currently located at the back of the park where it cannot be seen, is near houses and a school and has no lighting. 

The council is proposing to re-locate this skatepark to a more visible area of the park for natural surveillance, away from the houses and the school and to a more suitable area towards Westfield Road nearer the existing play area.

The existing skatepark would be removed and replaced with grass for additional recreational space.

Bendcrete have designed the new skatepark having consulted with local skaters, however the council would like for anyone interested in this facility to share their comments on the proposed design.

Your comments will be used to inform the final proposed design that will then be submitted as a planning application by Bendcrete.  Local residents will also have the opportunity to consider the scheme, proposed design and location and comment on the application.

As well as the skatepark there are various other improvements that are being made to Bassett’s Park including:

  • Additional junior play equipment as the play value for this age group is very limited, this will give children more equipment to play on.
  • New safety surfacing in the smaller children’s play area, as the current surfacing under the multi-play units has worn out with an additional piece of play equipment to be installed to add to the play value.
  • Exercise equipment for all to use, to encourage good health and wellbeing for all.
  • The street furniture will be replaced where required and fences will be improved and repaired where needed to make the park more modern, fresh and applying to all.

The plans for the proposed facility can be viewed on the council’s website here:


Leader of the Council, Councillor Martin Griffiths, said “I’m proud that we are continuing to invest in our parks and recreational spaces and are providing good facilities for those making use of our valuable open space.

“It’s helpful to hear from residents of all ages about what they think of the proposals so that we can do our best to provide what’s needed.

“I’m sure that the skatepark will be a popular facility improving the fitness and wellbeing of those using it, something that is particularly important in these challenging times.

As well as this consultation, formal planning permission will also be sought.

Please submit all comments by 5pm on 31 January 2021 to projects@wellingborough.gov.uk