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Borough Council of Wellingborough Tops the Charts!

Published Tuesday, 19 January 2021

The Government has recently published its planning performance tables for the period ending 30 September 2020 in relation to the issuing of timely decisions on planning applications for local councils.

The Borough Council of Wellingborough has achieved first place out of all 330 local councils across England.   The scores are based on “rolling” performance over a two-year period to 30 September 2020.

Councillor Martin Griffiths, Leader of the Council said: “I am absolutely delighted by this news because it recognises the outstanding hard work of the council’s planning team and that of our partners and applicants. It is all the more impressive given that the council and its partners have placed extra huge effort in progressing applications recently, recognising the importance of robust and timely decisions to the local economy in these difficult times.  There are a number of key sites across the Borough that are progressing well with work forces on site thanks to the approach taken in making these decisions, which in other parts of the country wouldn’t be happening as the decisions would not have even been made.  The Wellingborough Prison Project, Stanton Cross and Glenvale Park come to mind, amongst many others.”

Councillor Griffiths added: “Planning committee has been exceptionally busy since the summer, and has made many significant decisions that help support the future growth of the Borough of Wellingborough, and ultimately the future of North Northamptonshire as we move to a unitary authority from 1 April this year.”