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Removal of trees at Tithe Barn and Croyland Gardens

Published Friday, 06 November 2020

As part of planned public realm improvements to the area, a notice has been served for the removal of 10 trees located within Croyland Gardens and outside Tithe Barn.

A consultation was undertaken on the improvements and this ended on 11 June 2020 of which no response from the public was received; permission was granted for the removal of the trees week commencing Monday 16 November 2020.  
The removal of the trees outside Tithe Barn include one holly located at the back of the barn in close proximity to the listed building (in front of the window), restricting future access. 
Additionally, one cherry, two Lawson’s cypress and one holly located to the left-hand side of the main entrance will also be removed. Three pollarded lime trees will remain and therefore be more visible on approaching Tithe Barn which will also provide a better view of the building.  
A further five holly trees located close to the play area within Croyland Gardens are also due to be removed. Two of the holly trees in particular have been overwhelmed by the growth of ivy to the point where it would be difficult for them to recover if the ivy was treated and are recommended for removal. 
Notice to remove these trees has been provided to the local planning authority under Section 211, as they are located within a conservation area.
Plans are in place to replace the trees and the project team at Borough Council of Wellingborough is working with its Landscaping Officer to consider the location and species of trees to be replanted, ensuring that any future species will be both suitable for the area and visually pleasing.