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Managing Director makes way for new North Northants Council

Published Wednesday, 21 October 2020

The Managing Director of the Borough Council of Wellingborough is to move on ahead of the Borough Council of Wellingborough ceasing to exist after 31 March 2021.

Liz Elliott requested for councillors to consider her to leave the organisation by way of redundancy at the end of the year and at a meeting of the Council on 20 October, members concluded and resolved that her position of Managing Director is redundant.

Liz Elliott joined the council in 2012 and since 2018 has led the council through its local government reform journey having played significant roles on the way. Until recently, Liz was the interim Head of Paid Service for the North Northants Shadow Authority and is still the senior responsible officer for Children’s Services.

However, now that senior appointments to the new council have been completed, her role has been confirmed as redundant and Liz will make way for the new management team to lead the way for North Northamptonshire.

Upon hearing that councillors reached the decision that her role is redundant, Liz Elliott, said: “It’s been an absolute privilege and pleasure to work for Borough Council of Wellingborough and to lead an amazing team that always has the residents in mind and a team who works as one. 

“However, the time is right for me to move on and I welcome the new management of North Northants Council, who can now take control in preparation for 1 April 2021.

“The council has a strong remaining management team that will continue to successfully lead the organisation until vesting day and I’m proud to have led and be part of that team.”

Leader of the Borough Council of Wellingborough, Cllr Martin Griffiths, said: “It has been a successful and enjoyable experience to work with Liz, who clearly has community needs at the heart of what we do and has driven the efficient and effective implementation of the council’s policies across all services.

“During her time, she has been open and frank with members to facilitate decision making and priority setting; this has been refreshing and welcomed.

“I would also like to reflect on the huge list of achievements that the council has achieved under Liz’s leadership including the outstanding performance of our planning team; the improvement in the delivery of housing services and the additional staff to the team tackling homelessness and other housing matters; the successful enforcement and service delivery standards of our environmental health and protection teams; enhanced community facilities such as the 3G pitch and other improvements; the management of the council’s response to the Covid-19 pandemic and the resources deployed; the delivery of multiple major projects to enhance the borough and achieving a balanced budget for the final year of the borough council. 

“It is with a heavy heart that we will be saying goodbye to Liz and I know members and staff will be very sorry to see her leave.

“I do, however, wish Liz all the very best for her future career."

Leader of the Opposition, Cllr Andrew Scarborough, said: "Liz Elliott has served the Borough Council of Wellingborough with efficiency and effectiveness and the Council has made great progress towards its objectives under her stewardship. She leaves with our grateful thanks and our very best wishes to her for the future." 

Liz joined the Borough Council of Wellingborough in July 2012 as the Head of Finance. In April 2017, following a restructure of the senior management team, Liz become the council’s Managing Director, and Head of Paid Service, a position that she holds to date. A leaving date is yet to be agreed but is likely to be some time in December.