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Refurbishment of four play areas

Published Wednesday, 19 August 2020

Refurbishment of four parks, located at Eastfield Park, Guillemot Lane, Redhill Grange and Croyland Park in Wellingborough, has been completed.

The initial work programme was delayed due to COVID-19 but the contractor was able to get two teams on site to enable the play areas, which were old and outdated, to be refurbished in time for the parks to be opened under the Government’s guidance. 

The following work has been undertaken:

• Eastfield Park          Full park refurbishment work; 

• Croyland Park         Additional junior equipment installed;

• Guillemot Lane        Full park refurbishment. 

• Redhill Grange        Full park refurbishment. 

Further details of which are shown below:

Eastfield Park- Complete play area refurbishment work started on 8 June 2020 and was completed on 20 July 2020. Works included all new play equipment with 6-7 pieces of equipment that have inclusive play consisting of swings, spinning bowl, musical equipment, stepping stones, multi-play unit and a trampoline which is the first one in Wellingborough’s parks. New safety surfacing of coloured rubber mulch and wetpour has been laid. A new picnic bench and park bench are to be installed within the play area and 4 new park benches outside the play area; the park signs will be repainted black and the lower panels replaced, these works are due to be carried out in September 2020 depending on delivery.

Croyland Park- Additional junior equipment was installed week commencing 25 May 2020 and was completed on 5 June 2020. This park required junior equipment so a new area opposite the existing equipment was created. Three new pieces of play equipment have been installed: a multi-play unit, swings and spinning bowl which are both inclusive play items for all to use.  New safety surfacing of wetpour has been installed in the new area.

Guillemot Lane – Full park refurbishment started during the week commencing 22 June 2020 and was completed on 24 July 2020. All the play equipment installed is new consisting of items that are inclusive play equipment such as roundabout, spinning bowl and swings.  New coloured safety surfacing of wetpour and rubber mulch has been installed under all equipment, this park now provides for all ages from toddler to young teens.

Redhill Grange - Full park refurbishment started on 16 June 2020 and was completed during the week commencing 20 July 2020. This play area was in need of refurbishment, the only items of play here was 3 pieces of toddler equipment the junior MUGA had been cornered off due to not being safe, the play area now has a good toddler area and 2 junior equipment areas.  New equipment has been installed and consists of swings, spinning bowl, basket swing and toddler multi-play unit and are all inclusive play. New safety surfacing of coloured wetpour has been installed under all of the equipment.  The swings frame was repainted and new swing seats fitted.  A park sign and new park bench will be installed in September 2020.  This park now has play equipment for juniors as well as toddlers, which was an identified need in this area.

It is so important to be able to access good quality open space as it brings a wide range of social, health, wellbeing and economic benefits to the lives of many children in the borough. 

Leader of the Council, Councillor Martin Griffiths says: “I am absolutely delighted that the refurbishment of these parks has now been completed.  As we all know the last few months of lockdown have been very difficult for many and it is so important for children to be in the fresh air and using this new equipment.