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Anti-social behaviour order for two

Published Friday, 07 August 2020

The Borough Council of Wellingborough, working in conjunction with Northamptonshire Police, has obtained and served an Anti Social Behaviour Injunction under Section 1 of the Anti Social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Act 2014 on two adults from the same household at an address in the borough of Wellingborough.

The injunction covers a two year period and includes the power of arrest for any breaches of the stipulated conditions.

This follows overwhelming hearsay evidence gathered of anti social behaviour towards a community.  The significant disorder, reported to the council and Northants Police,  included  intimidation, the playing of frequent loud music causing a disturbance and causing harassment, alarm and distress to other local residents.

The council and Northamptonshire Police take anti social behaviour very seriously.  In circumstances where people are in distress and are reluctant to be identified through fear of retaliation, we will take whatever action we can to assist in resolving the issue and will capture hearsay evidence to support vulnerable people and the wider community.

Chairman of Services Committee, Councillor Graham Lawman says:

“Wellingborough is, and should be, a lovely place to live so we are pleased to work closely with Northants Police to ensure that our residents are able to enjoy their homes and neighbourhoods to the fullest. Intimidation and other anti-social behaviour causing fear or misery to neighbours is not acceptable and people should not have to tolerate it. If you feel that you are being adversely affected by any anti-social behaviour, please do not hesitate to contact the police or our Environmental Health Department, who will help and advise you.”