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Wellingborough organisations team up to support local response to Covid-19

Published Friday, 01 May 2020

The Council will commit £11,000 per month to provide two community centres with vital support to offer a helping hand to vulnerable people and families across Wellingborough during Covid-19.

The Borough Council of Wellingborough, Victoria Centre and Glamis Hall, which work together to provide services for the community, have created the Wellingborough project (1W) which will provide community groups and volunteers with the resources they need to support our communities.

The 1W project, funded by the Borough Council of Wellingborough for an initial period of three months, offers services such as delivering meals, essential shopping, picking up medicine or just ringing people for a chat. It also aims to provide food parcels and other support whilst following social distancing rules.

Leader of the Borough Council of Wellingborough, Cllr Martin Griffiths, added: “The Borough council puts the well-being of residents first and foremost and we are committed to providing vital support for community groups, businesses and residents across the county during these difficult times. We have joined up with two fantastic centres to ensure that they have the funding they need to deliver their services. Wellingborough will come together to respond to this pandemic for our communities.”

Victoria Centre Manager, Marion Turner-Hawes, said, “Across our area we saw people struggling and wanted to help. When the lockdown happened, our Centre had to close and we lost all our income. However, as difficult as it has been for us we know many people have had much more of a struggle. People and groups across Wellingborough are renowned for stepping up during difficult times. This crisis has seen a massive number of people offering their time, skills and resources, and we thought we could do the same. Together with Glamis Hall, we can provide practical help and work to improve co-ordination, providing clear information about the help that is available and how people can access it. I hope that the 1W Project will be able to help many people to make the best of all the resources and support available in our community.”

Project Leader Jo Peploe, the Centre Manager at Glamis Hall, is very excited by the project. “The project provides two community hubs, Victoria Centre and Glamis Hall, from which we are co-ordinating support to all 9 Wards in Wellingborough. We know that some areas are already well served by volunteers but other areas need more support. We see this project directly supporting people in practical ways, and assisting groups who might need extra help or advice to support people in their area. The project is offering help to people who are self-isolating, those who may be experiencing economic hardship and those affected in other ways. Young, old, disabled, BAME, or LGBT, we are here to help. It’s in our DNA at Glamis Hall.”

1W is already looking at how they might work with the Daylight Centre, Wellingborough Homeless Forum, Faith and other local groups to help as many people as possible in a ‘joined up’ way. The services are free but donations are welcome and will go towards helping many more people get the food, meals or support they need.

Anyone seeking help or wanting to volunteer can contact the 1W Project by calling 01933 677326 or emailing info@glamishall.org.uk.