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Visits to the Council Offices

Published Tuesday, 17 March 2020

Following Government guidance in relation to COVID-19 (Coronavirus), please be advised that you should only visit the Council offices if it is necessary.

If you are able to speak with a member of the team via the phone please call us on 01933 229777 in the first instance. Officers will be able to provide you with the relevant advice and support.

The latest guidance from Government, Public Health and NHS is available at: www.gov.uk/guidance/coronavirus-covid-19-information-for-the-public

If you need to submit documents to the Council, please send this to us via email whenever possible or place them in an envelope and put in our secure post box which is on the side of the Tithe Barn Offices building.

Officers can be emailed at:

Council Tax Billing: counciltax@wellingborough.gov.uk

Council Tax Recovery: recovery@wellingborough.gov.uk

Business Rates: nndr@wellingborough.gov.uk

Housing Benefit and Council tax Support: benefits@wellingborough.gov.uk

Housing Benefits Overpayments: hboverpayments@wellingborough.gov.uk

Building Control: buildingcontrol@wellingborough.gov.uk

Planning: Planning@wellingborough.gov.uk

Elections: Elections@wellingborough.gov.uk

Housing: HousingOptions@wellingborough.gov.uk

Private Sector Housing: PrivateSectorHousing@wellingborough.gov.uk

Property Services: Property@wellingborough.gov.uk

Environmental Protection: Envprotection@wellingborough.gov.uk

Licensing: Licensing@wellingborough.gov.uk

Health Protection Healthprotection@wellingborough.gov.uk

Payments: payments@wellingborough.gov.uk

If you are not sure where to send your email to please email generalenquiries@wellingborough.gov.uk Thank you for your cooperation.