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Wellingborough Council halves number of residents in temporary accommodation

Published Monday, 16 December 2019

The number of people in temporary accommodation in Wellingborough this Christmas is the lowest in more than 18 months, having been halved from June 2018.

To address the high number of people in temporary accommodation such as bed and breakfast, Wellingborough Council expanded its team after securing Government funding this year. This includes the introduction of outreach workers in the town who join forces with the council’s community enforcement protection officers who have helped 5 rough sleepers into accommodation in the last couple of months and are now helping them into permanent homes and sustain their tenancies. 

To ensure that residents have a safe and warm place to stay while the team work with them to find a permanent housing solution, Wellingborough Council committed more than £2.7million to purchasing properties across the borough, and so far has purchased ten in the town with a further eight properties in the pipeline.

The council has also established partnerships with Greatwell Homes and Corby Borough Council to further support residents with accommodation, support and guidance.  Furthermore, all councils in the north of the County have developed the Homelessness & Rough Sleeper Strategy 2019 – 2024.

Leader of the Borough Council of Wellingborough, Cllr Martin Griffiths, said: “Our team is dedicated to providing a confidential service for our residents, which will provide them with the guidance and support they need during such a difficult time.

“The team has worked with more than 760 residents this year, and helped 35 people into accommodation with rent deposits that otherwise would have been in temporary accommodation, sofa surfing, or rough sleeping. We will continue to do all we can to reduce the number of people facing homelessness or are homeless in the borough to ensure they have a safe and warm place to call home.”

For more information on the housing assistance and support that the council can provide, call the Housing Options team on: 01933 229777.