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Transfer of village green to Bozeat Parish Council

Published Monday, 08 July 2019

Councillors at the Borough Council of Wellingborough resolved to transfer the land ownership of Bozeat Village Green to the parish council at the resources committee meeting on Wednesday (19 June).

The borough council has introduced a policy which provides local communities and parish councils with the opportunity to take on the ownership of borough-council owned land through the community asset transfer with the aim to achieve local social, economic and/or environmental gain.


Bozeat Parish Council has managed the village green for many years, and councillors agreed that it is in the best interest of the local community.


Since introducing the policy to transfer assets to an organisation for community use, the council has approved two other motions. The first was Glamis Hall, which was transferred to the charity ‘Glamis Hall for All’. The second was the Pocket Park and Tainty Field in Finedon, which is currently in the process of being transferred to Finedon town council.


Brian Gibbins, Chairman of Bozeat Parish Council, said:

“The parish council is very pleased that it was given the opportunity by the borough council to acquire ownership of Bozeat Village Green. The parish council can now go forward, confidently, in continuing to maintain this important green space and to invest further in improvements that will provide even more opportunities for the community to host events there.”


Leader of the Borough Council of Wellingborough, Cllr Martin Griffiths, said: “We are committed to working with local communities and parish councils to transfer the land ownership of community assets to benefit local residents.


“The parish council submitted an excellent business case and have done an excellent job of managing the village green over last few years and we hope that local residents will spend many happy hours on the village green for years to come.”


Ward Councillor, Tom Partridge-Underwood, added: “I am delighted that Bozeat Parish Council has been successful in their bid to secure the village green for future generations, The parish council has been maintaining it for many years and hase always kept it in good order. I wish them well in this new venture and hope we as villagers will enjoy using it for many more years.”

Photo attached showing the Leader of the Council, Martin Griffiths, Chairman of Bozeat Parish Council, Brian Gibbins and Deputy Leader of the Council, Tom Partridge-Underwood at Bozeat Fete, following the handing over of a £1 for the transfer of the village green.


To find out more about the Community Asset Transfer policy visit:  http://www.wellingborough.gov.uk/info/200059/land_and_premises/1407/community_asset_transfer