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There is still time to have your say

Published Friday, 05 October 2018

If you’re a resident of Wellingborough, it is not too late to have your say on the community governance review, being carried out by the Borough Council of Wellingborough.

Currently, the town of Wellingborough has no local government representation at a parish level and the council is carrying out a review to ask residents for their feedback on establishing a town council for Wellingborough. The council will also consider some of the boundaries with surrounding parishes as part of the review.

The council believes that parish councils play an important role in local democracy, both in terms of community empowerment and engagement, and the delivery of local services. This review aims to ensure that each community in the borough, including the town of Wellingborough, is effectively represented so that governance within the borough continues to be robust and capable of meeting future challenges.

At the full council meeting on Tuesday 17 July 2018, members of Borough Council of Wellingborough discussed and agreed draft proposals for the formation of a parish council for the area of Wellingborough town.

Between 23 July and 23 October 2018 the council is undertaking a consultation to request the views of local residents and organisations on the draft proposals. All the consultation responses will then be used to help form final recommendations, which will be submitted to Council for discussion on 27 November 2018. 

To view the proposals and complete the survey before Tuesday 23 October visit www.wellingborough.gov.uk/cgr2018