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Wellingborough coping with rubbish problem

Published Thursday, 28 June 2018

It will not be news to people living in some parts of the borough of Wellingborough that their bin collection can be delayed by a day at the moment.

After many efforts to improve the service – including buying new vehicles which are less likely to break down, and re-routing the whole refuse collection service - the council and Wellingborough Norse have had to admit that they cannot beat the bridge conundrum. At present there are three bridges closed in the borough: Finedon Road, Hardwater Mill, and Knuston. These three closures are routinely delaying refuse collections, and there is realistically very little that can be done to find a solution.


Finedon Road is the main access point to the tip so, because of the closure, the crews can only average 2 trips to the tip per day (rather than 3) before it closes at 5pm; and the Knuston closure means that instead of travelling 0.5 miles from Station Road, Irchester into Knuston to collect bins, the teams have a detour of approx. 7.5 miles via the A45 and into Rushden. The good news is that the Finedon Road bridge is expected to re-open in October, but the bad news is that the Irthlingborough Road bridge will close very shortly after – for about 18 months so that improvements can be made.


Just to make the situation a little more challenging, garden waste tonnages have also rocketed: from 650 tonnes to 1070 tonnes per month because of the weather conditions and local residents making good use of their brown bins.


Wellingborough Norse has apologised for the fact that bin collections can’t always be completed on the scheduled day, but have promised that they will do their best to return the following day. Local residents are asked to be patient and leave their bins out until collections can be completed.


Cllr Tim Allebone, chairman of the council’s Services Committee said: “Our borough has always had an excellent reputation for efficient bin collections, and we are proud that we have retained free garden waste collections – unlike many other authorities. I know that Wellingborough Norse is incredibly frustrated that circumstances beyond their control are jeopardising that reputation. I would ask everyone affected to bear with us until access roads around the town are re-opened and we can get back to business as usual. I would also like to thank the hard-working crews who do their best to finish the collections on time, and are often met with a barrage of complaints when circumstances beyond their control make it impossible.”