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Wellingborough marks Holocaust Memorial Day

Published Friday, 20 January 2017

This year’s Holocaust Memorial Day will be marked with a series of events in Wellingborough, organised in partnership with Wellingborough Council, Wellingborough Museum and a committee of volunteers.

An exhibition will take place in the Swansgate Centre from Wednesday 25 January. The commemorative display is based around the theme of ‘How Can Life Go On?’ and how lessons from the past can create a better and safer future. The exhibition will run until Saturday 28 January.

Every year on 27 January the world marks Holocaust Memorial Day (HMD). It has been held in the UK since 2001 and the United Nations declared it an international event in 2005. The date 27 January was chosen because it was on that date Auschwitz-Birkenau was liberated in the year 1945.

On Sunday 29 January, Mayor of Wellingborough, Cllr Malcolm Waters, will attend a special commemorative service organised by the council. It will take place at 2pm by the Anne Frank tree in Swanspool Gardens and will be followed by prayers and quiet time for personal reflection.

Wellingborough Mayor, Cllr Malcolm Waters said: “On Holocaust Memorial Day we remember the millions of people who lost their lives in both the Holocaust and in subsequent acts of genocide. It is more important than ever that we stand strong in our beliefs of tolerance and freedom of speech, and learn from the atrocities of the past.

“It remains essential to educate future generations about the atrocities committed, and the hatred and evil that inspired the Holocaust still exists today. This makes it all the more important to bring our diverse communities together to keep the memory of Holocaust alive.

“We welcome and invite everyone to help us mark Holocaust Memorial Day in Wellingborough on Sunday 29 January.”

Anyone wishing to attend the Wellingborough Holocaust Memorial Day service should assemble by the Anne Frank tree in Swanspool Gardens by 2pm on Sunday 29 January.