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Council prosecutes noisy neighbour

Published Tuesday, 24 January 2017

A persistent noisy neighbour in Wellingborough has been ordered to pay a total of £930 in fines, costs, and victim surcharges, after being found guilty of breaching a noise abatement notice.

Zofia Sarnick of Great Park Street, in Wellingborough, was served with a noise abatement notice in December 2015, following complaints from a neighbour of loud music, raised voices and shouting, which required her to take steps to ensure she didn’t cause a noise nuisance. Environmental Health Practitioners however, witnessed excessive amplified music and shouting which breached the noise abatement notice on a number of occasions in July and August 2016.

During some of the breaches of the notice, Ms Sarnick was not present in the property and the music was being played by her son. Under the notice however, the occupier of the property remains responsible for noise caused by other members of the household.

Ms Sarnick was summoned to court on 19 January 2017, where she pleaded guilty to 3 occasions of breaching the notice. The court fined Ms Sarnick £300 for the three offences and ordered her to pay £600 costs and a £30 victim surcharge. The notice remains in place, and further action would be considered if further noise nuisance is witnessed.

Amanda Wilcox, Environmental Health Manager for Wellingborough Council, said “Zofia Sarnick caused a significant amount of stress to her neighbours due to the loud music and shouting. Residents within the borough are entitled to enjoy their homes in peace and the council will act to protect that right where necessary.

“Prosecution is the last resort and we will always provide advice in the first instance, we will not however hesitate to take formal action where required, so that we can help maintain a safe, and healthy environment for everyone living and working within the borough.”