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Countdown to compulsory dog microchipping

Published Friday, 01 April 2016

Wellingborough Council in partnership with Wood Green, The Animal Charity, are reminding all dog owners of the change in legislation regarding microchipping.

By 6 April 2016 The Microchipping of Dogs (England) Regulations 2015 will take effect, and in summary will require:

• All dogs not already microchipped to be implanted with one by 6 April 2016.

• From 6 April 2016, a dog cannot change keeper without being microchipped beforehand.

• If a dog is taken on by a new owner, they are then responsible for keeping the microchip information updated with their details.

Catherine Somerville, Team Leader in Environmental Protection said "Currently it is a legal requirement that all dogs wear a collar and name tag but these can easily come off or get lost. Microchips are more secure and can hold a variety of information, including details of the current keeper, so that any lost dog can be quickly and easily reunited with their family.

"Any dog owner that fails to comply with the new legislation after 6 April 2016 could face fines on summary conviction of up to £500".

Earlier in the year a series of free microchipping events were hosted by the council alongside Wood Green, The Animal Charity, which saw over 30 dogs being microchipped.