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Wellingborough Council and Northamptonshire Police team up to improve services

Published Thursday, 11 June 2015

Wellingborough Council and Northamptonshire Police have teamed up to find ways to improve services to the public.

From 1 June, Police Sergeant Paul Valentine will be seconded to work within the council to identify and investigate opportunities for the organisations to work together more closely. The project aims to find ways to make services more accessible for the public, as well as reducing any duplication of work and providing better value for money.

Sergeant Valentine will be based at the council offices at Swanspool House for six months, working within the council’s community safety team. He will produce a report of his recommendations at the end of the secondment.

The project is an extension of the Wellingborough Community Safety Partnership (CSP), which involves a number of organisations working together to identify and deal with crime, antisocial behaviour and issues of public concern in the borough.

Sergeant Valentine said: “I’m looking forward to working with partners and voluntary groups to find improved ways of working to reduce violence, drugs and antisocial behaviour across Wellingborough.

“It will also be really useful to work within the council and with council colleagues to identify opportunities where we can all share resources and further improve services to the public.”

Wellingborough Council leader, Cllr Paul Bell, said; “This secondment is a great idea and I’m confident it will produce results that really benefit our residents. Our CSP works well to identify and deal with issues that concern the public and we’ve had some very successful initiatives come out of it.

“This secondment takes it a step further, by looking at ways we can improve services to the public – how can we be more accessible, how can we make sure we’re not duplicating work, how can we get the best possible value for money.

“I welcome Sergeant Valentine to the council and am looking forward to seeing what recommendations he makes as we continue to work together to reduce crime in our borough.”

The project was also welcomed by Superintendent Andy Cox, from Northamptonshire Police.

He said: “I think this is a wonderful way to support and improve the important work we already carry out in partnership with Wellingborough Council.

“I know Paul will take a great deal of drive, enthusiasm and experience to the role and I expect to see both organisations working much more closely together to tackle problems in Wellingborough as a result.

“Hopefully, after the six month trial, the project will have been a success which we will be able to roll out further.”