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News published October 2016

  • Extra brown bin collections in November for Wellingborough

    Published 21 October 2016

    The Borough Council of Wellingborough have extended the garden waste service this year and extra collections will be made in November. The Council makes no guarantees of extensions in future years.

  • Clean- up campaign in Wellingborough area.

    Published 11 October 2016

    A campaign to clean up Wellingborough’s Victoria area has begun following on from similar successful schemes on the Queensway and Hemmingwell estates in the town.

  • Independent Remuneration Panel - Four Vacancies (Voluntary).

    Published 11 October 2016

    Do you have a background in community life, the professions, industry, commerce, trade unions, the voluntary sector, public or religious service which will enable you to make judgements that will command respect within the council and the community at large?