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Local Land Charges Fees & Payments

How Much and Methods of Payment

Local Land Charges Searches

(from 1st April 2018)                             Fee Payable

CON29 (R) -                                               £78.00   (£65.00 + £13.00 VAT)

CON29 (R) (excluding Q3.1, 3.2, 3.4, 3.6) £49.20   (£41.00 + £8.20 VAT)

LLC1 only -                                                £18.00   (VAT exempt)

CON29 (R) and LLC1 -                              £96.00   (£18 VAT exempt + £65.00 + £13.00 VAT)

CON29 (O) (Q4 to 21) -                              £12.00   (£10.00 + £2.00 VAT)

CON29 (O) Q22 -                                        £13.50   (£11.25 + £2.25 VAT)

Second Parcel -                                         £13.00   (£1.00 VAT exempt + £2.00 VAT)

Other Enquiries - Contact Local Authority for pricing

Part CON29 Requests

To receive this information in paper or electronic format, then please see the current CON29 Request form for a list of fees.

Statutory registers are available for viewing, free of charge, by appointment in our Public Access Area.

Ways to Pay

Cheque - If you are sending forms in by post then you can send a cheque. Abbreviations are not acceptable, so please make cheques payable to 'Borough Council of Wellingborough'.

Telephone Payment Line - Using a debit or credit card you can pay over the telephone. Please call 01933 231902.

When making a payment please quote the following reference:

  • 8200/B040/FEE107

Please be advised that searches/ requests will not be processed until payment has been received.


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