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Submission of Searches

Searches are usually submitted by a solicitor or licensed conveyancer, either directly to us, or using an electronic transaction service, such as NLIS.

A Local Land Charges search comprises of the following forms:
- LLC1
- CON29 (R)
- CON29 (O)

For a cost, you can also submit additional enquires in writing.

If you wish to carry out your own conveyancing, then please see the forms page where you can download our own version of these forms. Alternatively, you can purchase copies of the official search request forms from the Oyez Legal Forms website.

Submitting a search directly to us

Post: Please remember to include the following:

  • All relevant forms
  • One copy of an Ordnance Survey plan of the land/ property (scale 1:2500)
  • Correct fee (cheques or telephone payments - please see Fees & Payments for more information)

Email: Send searches to, and remember to include: 

  • All relevant forms
  • One copy of an Ordnance Survey plan of the the land/ property (scale 1:2500)

If submitting a search by email, the easiest way to pay is using our telephone payment line - please see Fees & Payments for more information. When making a payment you will be given an authorisation code, please remember to include this and the total amount paid in your email.

Submitting a search electronically

The National Land and Property Information Service (NLIS) is an electronic one stop shop connecting land and property information held by central government, local authorities and other organisations that provide official land and property data throughout England and Wales.

We are currently able to receive searches/ fees and also return searches electronically.

Thames Water, Searchflow and GlobalX are also NLIS channel providers.

For further information please see the NLIS website

Raw data is available free of charge on an appointment basis. Please contact the Local Land Charges team for details on 01933 231514. Refined data is available and charged on a cost recovery basis. Please see the Part Con 29 application form for details.

Last Updated: 04/08/14