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Hackney Carriage and Private Hire Licensing

Equality Act 2010 - Taxi and Private Hire Vehicle and Driver Requirements

The Equality Act 2010 can be accessed here.

The Statutory Guidance in respect of access for wheelchair users to Taxis and Private Hire Vehicles can be accessed here.

Sections 160 to 173 of the Equality Act 2010 apply directly to hackney carriage and private hire drivers and vehicles. These sections cover requirements for accessibility regulations, exemptions, passengers in wheelchairs, assistance dogs, and related matters.

Section 167 of the Act provides that Licensing Authorities may maintain a list of licensed wheelchair accessible hackney carriages and private hire vehicles. The Council does maintain such a list, and this can be found below. The list is updated around the beginning of each month.

A driver of a ‘regulated taxi’ (one to which the accessibility regulations apply) which is plying for hire or has been hired commits an offence:
(a) by failing to comply with a requirement of the regulations, or
(b) if the taxi fails to conform with any provision of the regulations with which it is required to conform.

All drivers of taxis and private hire vehicles (PHVs) designated by the local licensing authority as being wheelchair accessible must comply with the requirements of Section 165 of the Act, unless they have been issued with an exemption certificate.

Section 168 of the Act requires that all licensed drivers must carry assistance dogs, at no charge, unless a prior medical exemption certificate has been issued by the Council.
Drivers wishing to apply for an exemption from any requirement of the Act must apply in writing to the Council Licensing Team. An application form must be completed and returned, along with a supporting letter from the General Practitioner that the driver is normally registered with. The GPs letter must outline the specific exemption being requested and must provide sufficient details of all medical reasons for any exemption being applied for.

Any exemption granted will only apply for the duration of a drivers current licence (no more than three years), unless the GPs letter contains specific reference to any other timescale that should be applied. In absence of this, a new GPs letter will be required with each subsequent licence renewal application.
The current list of wheelchair accessible vehicles licensed by the Borough Council of Wellingborough and designated for the purposes of Section 165 of the Act , can be found on the following link below:

Hackney Carriage Vehicles

Current Hackney Carriage Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles

Private Hire Vehicles

None as of 23/01/2020

* It is believed all vehicles on the above list are capable of carrying some types of occupied wheelchairs, at least in accordance with the ‘Reference wheelchair’ as defined in the Public Service Vehicle Accessibility Regulations 2000, which is available here
* The list of vehicles designated under the Act was first published by the  Council on 1/08/2017


Last Updated 23/01/2020