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Hackney Carriage and Private Hire Licensing


Image of a Hackney Carriage

Current Fees and Charges

Hackney Carriage/Private Hire

  • Vehicle Licence £204.50 plus Test Fee which is payable at the appointed garages
  • New Hackney Carriage Driver Licence Application £293.70 (this includes DBS and knowledge test) *
  • New Private Hire Driver Licence Application £244.40 (this includes DBS and Private Hire Comprehension Test)*
  • Renewal of Drivers Licence (3 years) £179.90 - (DBS charged separately currently £44.00)
  • Operators Licence (5 years) £324.80
  • Disclosure and Barring Service Application £44.00
  • Trailers £61.60
  • Hackney Carriage Knowledge Test £65.70
  • Private Hire Comprehension Test £16.00
  • Transfer of vehicle Licence  - paperwork only £21.80
  • Transfer of vehicle including temporary replacement vehicles  where new plates are required £53.40
  • Change to a Personal Plate Application (plates included) £53.40
  • Copy of licence - £9.20 (per licence)


 * In addition to the drivers licence fee you will also need to undertake a  Standard Taxi Driving Test  from one of the following providers:

  1. Blue Lamp Trust – https://www.bluelamptrust.org.uk/Driver_Training/taxi_driver_assessment.php
  2. GreenPenny – http://www.greenpenny.co.uk/taxi-assessment-booking-form
  3. Diamond - https://www.advancedmotoring.co.uk/taxi-test

charges apply please contact them directl.

You will also need to  provide a Group 2 medical report completed by your own GP (if you choose to use another GP you will need to provided printed copies of your medical history to this GP before they commence the examination). This medical report and/or printed medical histroy are at your own expense, contact your surgery for details of costs.

Charges for Spares and Replacements

  • Rear Vehicle Plate £25.70
  • Hackney Internal Plate £17.40
  • Private Hire Internal Plate £18.50
  • Bracket £25.70
  • Window pouch £8.20
  • Lost Drivers badge replacement £20.50 (per badge)
  • Change in name of drivers licence/badge £20.50 (per licence)
  • Change of Address on licence £9.20 (per licence)
  • Copy of licence £9.20 (per licence)


Last Updated: 15/07/2020