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Hackney Carriage and Private Hire Licensing

Applying for an Operators/Drivers/Vehicle Licence

Visits to the licensing department are by appointment. Please email licensing.bcw@northnorthants.gov.uk or telephone 01933 231966 for an appointment .


New Driver Applications

Prior to making an application for a driver's licence you must have completed the Taxi Drivers Standard Assessment, or Enhanced Assessment for wheelchair accessible vehicles, the following three companies are able to offer this test,

  1. Blue Lamp Trust – https://www.bluelamptrust.org.uk/Driver_Training/taxi_driver_assessment.php
  2. GreenPenny – http://www.greenpenny.co.uk/taxi-assessment-booking-form
  3. Diamond - https://www.advancedmotoring.co.uk/taxi-test

this is at your own expense, as this is an advanced driving test you may wish to consider additional training before undertaking the test, completed either a knowledge test if applying for a hackney carriage drivers licence, or an English comprehension test if you are applying for a private hire drivers licence, details available with the application pack, it is also necessary for all potential applicants to complete a Disclosure and Barring Service form, in order to obtain written evidence that they are a 'fit and proper person'.

The DBS will be conducted by the licensing department.  You will need to provide specific documentation to enable this process.  

As you are applying for a driving position one of the documents provided must be your driving licence, you are also required to provide a unique code, ("check code") obtainable from www.gov.uk/view-driving-licence this enables you to share your details with a third party.

If you are not a national of the UK, then you will need to demonstrate your right to work.  Please use the Home Office online right to work service, to generate a code, this will need to be passed to the council to enable them to make the necessary checks.  If you are from the UK you will need to show either your British Passport or Birth Certificate (issued in the UK).

A medical is also required by persons wishing to become hackney or private hire driver, the medical is based on the Group 2 standards and must be completed using the councils form.  Other forms will not be accepted. This must be completed by a doctor (your doctor will make a charge for this service and this must be at your expense) and then submitted to the licensing department.

You will  need to pay for and complete an application form for the relevant licence. All paperwork must be returned to the Licensing Section for them to make a judgement on whether the licence should be issued or not.

Please contact the licensing department for application forms.

Private Hire Operators Licence 

The Private Hire Operators address must be within this area to make an application.

Please read our current policies and conditions governing taxi and private hire licensing before applying, this details what your responsibilities are and what records are to be kept as part of your operation. 

Applicants must be over twenty-one years of age.

A full application consists of:-

  • The application form
  • The current fee paid 
  • Copy of planning permission or written evidence that planning permission is not required. (New applications only.)
  • Copy of Insurance Certificate issued under the terms of the Employers Liability (Compulsory Insurance) Act 1969, or evidence that such insurance is not required.
  • Copy of the fire certificate or copy of the risk assessment carried out as required by the Fire Precautions (Workplace) Regulations 1997, for premises not covered by a fire certificate, or evidence that neither is required.
  • Copy of the Public Liability Insurance certificate providing a minimum £2m indemnity in respect of any one incident.


Vehicle Licence 

Any vehicle which you are considering on licensing must meet our current policies and conditions, in particular Appendix B - Private Hire Vehicles and Appendix C - Hackney Carriage Vehicles.  It is the applicants responsibility to ensure that it meets these requirements.

The vehicle has to undergo a council test and MOT from one of our appointed garages, who are:

Easy Auto Centres Limited  trading as Hi Q, Croyland Road, Northampton Road, Wellingborough, NN8 2LB - 01933 276451

Vehicle Testing Station, 5 Bradfield Road, Wellingborough, Northamptonshire, NN8 4HB   07922156598

Easy Auto Centres Limited  trading as Hi Q, Unit 1, 1 Telford Way, Telford Way Industrial Estate, Kettering NN16 8UN   01536 481415 

The Garage of Corby, Unit 2 Darwin Rd, Willow Brook Rd, Willowbrook East Industrial Estate, Corby NN17 5XZ    01536 267722

The fee for the council test is not included in the application fee, the payment is made direct to the garage.

Documents to be produced at time of application:

  • Completed application form
  • Current MOT certificate
  • Current Insurance certificate - showing that you are insured to carry passengers for reward
  • Log Book
  • Completed council test pass sheet

Payment will be by card only and the current fee will be payable at application.

Last updated: 10/08/2022