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Accessible Voting

Disabled Voters

We have many provisions in place to ensure everyone who is eligible, exercises their right to vote.

The right to request assistance to mark the ballot paper

Disabled voters may request the assistance of the Presiding Officer to mark the ballot paper for them. Alternatively, they can bring someone with them to help them vote (this person must be an immediate family member over 18 years old or a qualified elector). A form must be filled in for this procedure which can be obtained from the Presiding Officer.

Tactile voting device

This is a plastic device that is fixed onto the ballot paper so visually impaired people or those with limited dexterity can mark their ballot paper in secret.

Large-print version of the ballot paper

A large-print version of the ballot paper should be clearly displayed inside the polling station and a copy can be given to voters to take with them into the polling booth. A voter can't vote on the large-print version, but it can be used for reference.

Polling booths

We have lower level polling booths if you have limited mobility or would rather sit down to vote.

Absent voting

Electors suffering with a degenerative disease or visually impaired are entitled to a signature waiver on their postal vote statement. This reduces the risk of their vote being rejected to their signature differing each time. Also, we are able to provide tactile voting devices to electors with absent votes so they are still able to cast their vote independently. Please contact the elections team on 01933 231513 if this is something you require.