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Polling districts, places and stations

We are required to divide the borough into polling districts for the purposes of Parliamentary elections, and to designate polling places for each of those districts. Under electoral legislation, we must complete a review of all polling districts and polling places every four years. The last review of this took place in 2018. You can view the 2018 review by following this link.


View the list of wards, including maps and polling station locations


Polling district

A polling district is a geographical area, created by the sub-division of a parliamentary constituency or ward, into smaller areas. Each parish must be in a separate polling district.

Polling place

A polling place is a geographical area defined by the Council within which the polling station is found. There must be one polling place for each polling district. This could be a particular building or even the whole polling district.

Polling station

A polling station is the physical location at which polling takes place, and it is the responsibility of the Returning Officer to designate polling stations within the polling place.