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If you are on the register of electors and are eligible to vote for an election, you will receive a poll card before polling day; this will tell you when and where to vote. You will also get a poll card if you have an absent (postal or proxy) vote.

For more information on how to vote, please see our Accessible Voting page.

Voting in person

On polling day you will need to go to your polling station between 7am and 10pm. You do not need to take your poll card with you, but it helps the polling station staff to find your name in the Register of Electors quickly.

At the polling station;

  • tell the clerk your name and address. The presiding officer, the person in charge of the polling station, will give you a ballot paper.
  • go to one of the polling booths and follow the instructions in the booth which tell you how to vote.
  • the ballot paper tells you how many candidates you may vote for. Do not vote for more than that number, or put any other mark on the ballot paper, or your vote may not be counted.
  • fold the ballot paper in two; do not let anyone see your vote. Put the ballot paper in the ballot box and leave the polling station.

We have lower level polling booths if you have limited mobility or would rather sit down to vote. If you are blind or partially sighted, but would like to vote independently, we have tactile voting devices which will help. If you have any special requirements please tell the presiding officer who will do whatever they can to make sure you can cast your vote.

Further helpful information about how to vote can be found on your vote matters.

Can I still vote without my poll card?

This card is for information only.  Don't worry if you lose it or forget to take it with you on the day, you can still vote without it if you give the clerk your name and address.

Someone else in my household has received a poll card, but I don't have one. Can I still vote?

You can still vote, if you are registered and you have not received a poll card. It may be that your card has been lost during delivery. If you have a postal vote, you will still receive your voting papers by post, even if you do not receive a postal poll card.

Where is my polling station?

A list of polling stations is published shortly before polling day. If you are not sure where to vote please contact us on 01933 231513.

Absent voting

If you are unable or do not wish to vote in person, you can arrange to vote by post or for someone else to vote on your behalf.

Postal voting

You can choose to vote by post by completing and returning a postal vote application form. We will need to receive your application form in electoral services by 5pm eleven working days before an election, otherwise you will not be able to vote by post at that election.

We can accept forms by fax or email as long as the form has been completed in black ink and the signature and date of birth are both clear.

You can have your postal vote sent to your home address or an alternative address if you will be away from home at the time of the election. Postal votes are usually sent out about a week before polling day and must be received by the Returning Officer by 10pm on polling day.

If you want your postal vote sent to an overseas address you will need to consider whether there would be enough time to receive the ballot paper and return it before the poll closes. If not, you may wish to appoint a proxy to vote on your behalf.

Proxy voting

You can appoint someone to vote on your behalf at your usual polling station by completing and returning a proxy vote application form. You do not have to provide a reason to arrange to vote by proxy for a single election.

If you would like to vote by proxy indefinitely you will need to complete a declaration to tell us the reasons, for example; physical incapacity, overseas voter, studying at university or for certain occupations such as armed forces.

You will need to tell your proxy who you wish to vote for.

If you change your mind and wish to vote in person you can still do so as long as your proxy has not already voted on your behalf. If your proxy cannot get to your polling station, they can apply to vote by post. However, you will then not be able to vote in person.