Borough Council of Wellingborough

Redevelopment of the Swansgate multi-storey car park

Improvements to the multi-storey car park

The Swansgate multi-storey car park will be refurbished from mid March 2020, with an anticipated start date of 16 March.

The redevelopment works will take approximately ten months and are anticipated to be completed by end January 2021. Certain floors within the car park will remain open and accessible during the works.

The schedule of works will aim to address the recent concerns of anti-social behaviour including arson and drug crime, and vastly improve the much used facility, in turn contributing to the wider regeneration of the town.

The multi-storey car park refurbishment will provide the following:

  • More parent and child parking bays, with 12 of these on shopping level 3.
  • More accessible parking bays, with 11 of these on shopping level 3.
  • Four electric car parking points on level 0. Near the supply to reduce the charge time.
  • Car parking capacity increased from 952 to 956 spaces including motorbike spaces. Bearing in mind that 241 of the 956 spaces will be wider due to being a parent bay, accessible bay or a top floor parking bay.
  • Top floor parking level brought back into use with wider parking bays to the top floor level.
  • Repaired and improved car park concrete decks and ramps to all the levels.
  • New refurbished toilet layout for the male and female toilets on level 3 (shopping level) providing new and modern toilet facilities, including accessible toilet and baby change.
  • Redesigned ‘up’ and ‘down’ ramps - removing the various kerbs to make the ramps easier to negotiate and reducing road noise.
  • Improved anti vandal lighting throughout the car park and lobbies. Making parking easier and acting as a deterrent.
  • New CCTV to all car park levels, lift lobbies, stair landings and within lifts, relayed back to a monitoring centre.
  • New signage and way finding to all floors, making the car park more user friendly.
  • New and improved decorations to walls, floors and ceilings creating a bright non- intimidating and more pleasant environment.
  • New sprinkler system which will activate in the location of the fire only.
  • Upgraded fire alarm system throughout the car park.
  • Upgraded and improved lifts, making them more reliable and efficient.
  • Motorcycle spaces provided on each car park floor level. 
  • Additional security railings to first floor level to prevent unauthorised access.
  • Works will enable us to apply for Park Mark – safer parking scheme accreditation.
  • Fire escape doors upgraded or changed to more secure doors at street level.
  • Additional safety fencing to top floor level to improve safety.

The car park will remain open at the same times (Monday - Saturday 7.30am – 6.30pm and Sundays and bank holiday 9am – 4.30pm) during the works with traffic management in place.

For more information about the redevelopment works at Swansgate multi-storey car park please email the property and projects team at: