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Health and Safety

Benefits for Business

Effectively managing health and safety helps businesses to:

  • Reduce the human costs of death, injury and ill health
  • Meet their moral obligation to protect people's health and safety
  • Stay in business - accidents and ill health cost money
  • Meet their legal duties

What will Officers do?

Inspectors won't inspect everything - they will concentrate on the priority topics and what you have done to identify, minimise and control other risks created by what you do. They will look at topics including falls from height, workplace transport , slips, trips and falls , musculoskeletal disorders, asbestos; and workplace stress (amongst others), together with any other immediately obvious matters which could cause serious injury or ill health. They may also wish to talk to safety representatives and/or employees.


By concentrating on these specific topics we aim to continue to reduce, as far as possible, the numbers of accidents and cases of ill health to contribute to the Government's targets by 2010 to reduce:


  • The number of working days lost due to accidents and ill health by 30%;
  • The incidence of ill health by 20%; and
  • The incidence of accidents by 10%

The Health Protection Section along with other colleagues across the county provide workshops for certain health and safety topics. When these are organised, invitations are sent out to relevant businesses, inviting them to attend.

These seminars have proved very worthwhile to the businesses that attend; as they are organised at no cost to the business and they also provide an opportunity to meet individuals from other similar local businesses.


Last Updated:29/03/2021