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Dog Warden Service

Dog Warden FAQs


I have found a stray dog - what should I do?

You must inform the local dog warden service for the local authority area where the dog was found. It is important this is done as soon as possible as the service exists to reunite lost dogs with their owner, who may already have reported their dog missing and be looking for it. For further information please refer to the Stray Dogs section on this website.

Can I just decide to keep any dog I have found?

No - it is illegal for any finder to keep hold of a dog without reporting it to the local dog warden service. The dog is someone else's property and the owner may be desperately missing it. The dog warden does not directly rehome to members of the public. Stray dogs that are not reclaimed are signed over to local dog rescue charities for rehoming following their home-check protocols.

Help! I have lost my dog - who should I call?

You should call your local dog warden as soon as possible with as much information as you can, including microchip details. If your dog has been found, the dog warden will be able to match your dog's details to any found dogs in their care. If it is outside of office hours, you may also wish to try phoning local vets to see if your dog has been handed in.

How can I collect my dog and will I have to pay a fine if my dog is picked up by the dog warden?

Every Council charges a fine and kennel fee for the service of keeping your dog safe until you can arrange to collect it. In Wellingborough, stray dogs are taken to Country Kennels, in Grendon (Tel 01933 665315). The fine is currently £50 and each day of kennelling costs an additional £7. You should ring the kennels ahead of time to find out the total cost, method of payment and arrange a time to collect your dog.

What identification should my dog have?

By law, your dog must wear an identification tag on its' collar when in public and also be correctly microchipped. For more comprehensive information, please refer to the 'Dog identification and Microchipping' section of this website.

I am afraid of or have just been attacked by a dog - what should I do?

The dog warden service is unable to deal with dangerously out of control dogs -the police deal with reports of dangerous dogs. Any incident where a person is in fear of or injured by a dog, the police must be informed as a matter of urgency.

I am concerned about the welfare of a dog - who should I call?

If you suspect a dog is being cruelly treated or are concerned for its' welfare, please contact the RSPCA's cruelty line on 0300 1234 999 or go to www.rspca.org.uk.

Laws on dog fouling

It is an offence for any person/owner in charge of a dog to fail to pick up after it on any land accessible to the public. For further details please refer to the 'Dog Fouling' section of this website.

What can I do if I am being disturbed by excessive dog barking?

The Environmental Protection Department of the Council can investigate such allegations on your behalf. Please refer to the noise section of the website for details on how to log a complaint and the process involved.