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Dog Warden Service

Public Spaces Protection Order

The Anti-social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Act 2014 enables local authorities to require owners to clear up dog fouling, keep dogs on leads and to exclude dogs from certain areas, such as children's playgrounds.

Public Spaces Protection Order

On 10th November 2020 the Borough Council of Wellingborough formally made a Public Spaces Protection Order , for Dog Control following a consultation review of its 2017 Order, in line with statutory guidance. The Order covers the following:


Dogs fouling on land

Dogs on leads

Dogs on lead upon request

Dog exculsions

An Order was not made to restrict the maximum number of dogs that can be taken onto land.


A fixed penalty notice of £100 maximum may be issued or, alternatively, a Magistrates Court has the authority to fine for committing an offence under a Public Spaces Protection Order.

Last Updated 04/12/2020