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Housing Need Survey

Rural Housing Needs Survey

Housing Need Surveys

The Council has a five year rolling programme of housing need survey work with Parish Councils. This allows us to work out provision for affordable housing.

When individual Parish surveys are arranged, a survey is sent to every household in the Parish in order for us to assess the level of housing need in the Parish. The frequency of existing affordable homes becoming available and the number of people on the housing register requesting a particular location for re-housing are also taken into Further information on the identified need can be provided on request, please contact Housing Development on account when deciding on the number and type of properties that each area needs.

Where there is an identified need for affordable housing, the Council will work with Parish Councils to identify potential suitable sites for the housing.

There is a five year rolling programme of housing need survey work with the current programme starting in 2012 to 2016. There is a new programme covering 2017 - 2022.


Completed and Future Housing Need Surveys You can access the most up to date completed surveys or find out approximately when a housing needs survey will be conducted in your parish.

Current Housing Needs Surveys

Please note that all surveys are now conducted online

Where you have received a letter about a Housing Needs Survey taking part in your area, please be advised that the survey that will give up-to-date information about local housing circumstances and aspirations. This information will be used to help the council and parish develop its housing and planning policies to best meet these needs, including whether there is a local need for affordable housing and, if so, of what size and type. We need your help to find out what is important to you.

All of the information that you give is treated strictly confidential and will not be linked with your name or address, nor to any other database; nor will any information be passed on to other agencies or market research organisations. Once the results from your parish have been received, a report will be produced to show the results and a copy provided to the parish council.

A letter about the online survey has been delivered to all households, please complete this by the date indicated on the letter.  The letter will set out what to do if you are unable to complete the survey online.

To view the Rural Housing Needs Privacy Notice please click here.

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