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Changes In Your Circumstances

Changes to your household

If you or your partner leave the household, then a new form should be completed by the person remaining in the home. It will be likely that your income will have changed and details and proof will be required.


If a non-dependant or a dependant leave the household, you need to contact us to let us know what date they left and their forwarding address.


This is also the case if a boarder, tenant, sub-tenant or carer leave.


We may not be able to remove someone from an address without details of their forwarding address and if you are unable to provide a forwarding address you will have to provide an explanation.


We need to be informed of all changes in your circumstances, in writing, as soon as possible. If you delay, you may lose Housing Benefit and/or Council Tax Support.


In all cases it is your duty to notify us of all changes in circumstances.

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