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Calculating Your Entitlement

Housing Benefit and Council tax support assessment

Housing Benefit and Council tax support is assessed by comparing household income against figures provided by the government that reflect the basic needs of that household. This is called your applicable amount.

The applicable amount differs for each household as it relates to you and your family's circumstances. We consider

  • you and your partners age
  • any disabilities you or your partner may have
  • any children for whom child benefit is payable to either you or your partner
Whether you qualify for Housing benefit and/or Council tax support depends on many circumstances. When calculating Housing benefit and/or  Council tax support we will take into consideration
  • your income
  • any savings you may have
  • the size of your family
  • income from non-dependents (other people aged 18 or over who live with you.)

Remember - If you are aged between 16 and 60 and have savings of £16,000 or over, you will not qualify for Housing benefit or Council tax support. However, if you are over 60 and in receipt of the Guaranteed Credit part of the Pension Credit you may qualify

If I pay rent, may I get help with all my rent?

Your rent will be looked at to see if it contains certain service charges. We cannot give you help towards;

  • water rates
  • meals/food
  • heating/lighting
  • cooking and hot water
  • laundry, TV etc.

These are known as ineligible service charges. You may therefore have a shortfall in the amount of rent you have to pay and the amount of Housing Benefit that the Borough Council of Wellingborough can pay. You would have to make up this shortfall yourself.

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