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Ecton Neighbourhood Plan Information


This is the sub-page for Ecton Neighbourhood Plan. 

Making the Plan

The Ecton Neighbourhood Plan was made at the North Northants Executive meeting of 22 June 2021 following a successful referendum on 6 May 2021.

The following are the final made neighbourhood plan documents.

Ecton Neighbourhood Plan- Adopted version

Decision Notice

Neighbourhood Area Designation

An application was received for the designation of the entirety of Ecton Parish as the neighbourhood area for the Ecton Neighbourhood Plan. Comments were invited on the application with the final date for responses falling on Friday 12 December 2014. Following the close of the consultation period no objections were received and the parish has therefore been designated for neighbourhood planning purposes.

The details of Ecton's area application and designated area can be found below:

Draft Plan for Regulation 14 (pre-submission) consultation purposes

Consultation on an Emerging Draft Plan took place between 3rd October 2016 and 30th November 2016, this consultation has now concluded and responses are available on the neighbourhood plan website.

Consultation on a Pre-submission Plan took place between 15 April and 31 May 2019. Consultation responses are being considered to enable preparation of the submission plan.

Details of progress will be available on the neighbourhood plan website.

Draft Plan for Regulation 16 publicity

The Ecton Neighbourhood Plan was submitted to the council on 5th November 2019. The council is now publicising these proposals under Regulation 16 of the Neighbourhood Planning (General) Regulations 2012.

The follwoing documents are those that were submitted by Ecton Parish Council:

Further details about the process of preparing the planare available on the Neighbourhood Plan website:


Following reciept of the above documentation the legality of the plan proposal was checked. The following confirmation was issued to Ecton Parish Council confirming that the plan is legal in every respect:

Consultation on the Ecton Neighbourhood Plan

Following the successful legal check process, the submission version of the Ecton Neighbourhood Plan was out for consultation for eight weeks between 16 December 2019 and 10 February 2020.

Copies of the above submission documents were made available to inspect at the council offices in Tithe Barn Road, at Earls Barton and Wellingborough Libraries, and at the Three Horseshoes Public House, 23 High St, Ecton during normal opening hours.

Responses were accepted by:

Email: planningpolicy@wellingborough.gov.uk

online consultation portal:  https://wellingborough-consult.objective.co.uk/portal/neighbourhood_plans/ecton_neighbourhood_plan

or by writing to us at: Planning Policy, Swanspool House, Doddington Road, Wellingborough. NN8 1BP

Representations could include a request to be notified of the local planning authority's decision under Regulation 19 of whether the plan can proceed to referendum.

All representations received have been passed to the independent examiner for consideration. The examiner will now consider whether the proposed neighbourhood plan meets the basic conditions and other requirements set out by law.

All representations received are avalable to view here. In total there were 10 respondents.

Information on the independent examination

The council has appointed Christoper Collison BA(Hons) MBA MRTPI MIED MCMI IHBC to conduct the examination of the Ecton Neighbourhood Plan and assess whether the plan meets the basic conditions tests (as described in the Town and Country Planning Act 1990) and should move forward to referendum.

We have now received an initial letter from the Inspector which can be viewed here.

Ecton Parish Council- Response to the reg 16 consultation responses

Inspectors letter of clarification to the Parish Council and Borough Council

Ecton Parish Council and Borough Council Response to the Inspector's questions

Examiner Letter to Ecton Parish Council and Borough Council of Wellingborough Inviting Participation in a Fact Check of a Confidential Draft Report

Ecton Neighbourhood Plan: Examiner's Report

The council has now issued its Decision Statement following the receipt of the Examiners Report. This confirms that the plan, subject to some modifications, can proceed to referendum. The Decision Statement can be viewed below:

Ecton Neighbourhood Plan: Council Decision Statement- May 2020


A version of the plan has now been published which will be used in the public referendum of the plan. This version of the plan can be viewed here.

The referendum on the Ecton Neighbourhood Plan will take place on 6 May 2021.

The question that will be asked will be:

"Do you want the North Northamptonshire Council to use the neighbourhood plan for Ecton to help it decide planning applications in the neighbourhood area?"

For more information on the referendum please see here.