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Trees in a Conservation Area

Trees within a conservation area

 Most trees in a Conservation Area are afforded special protection. It is an offence to cut down, lop, uproot or wilfully destroy a tree in a Conservation Area without first giving six weeks notice of intent in writing to the Council.

Certain works to trees are exempt from the need for consent, these include:-

  1. where the tree is dead, dying or dangerous (but notice is still required);
  2. work done by, or for, certain statutory undertakers such as the water, electricity and gas companies;
  3. where it is necessary to carry out development already authorised by a planning approval;
  4. works to small trees with a diameter less than 75mm (circumference 240mm).

Trees are living plants so they grow, and decline; it is therefore reasonable that works need to be done from time to time. If a tree has to be removed it is often a condition that another tree is planted in its place.

If you are considering doing any work to a tree you should seek advice before undertaking the work.

Works to Preserved Trees (TPO) or Within a Conservation Area

Works to Preserved Trees (TPO) or Within a Conservation Area Information Pack

Contact details:- Mrs F Webber 01933 231923
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