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Demolition of Buildings and Walls

All of a building is listed, both the exterior and the interior.  In addition it includes any feature of the building consisting of a man-made object or structure fixed to the building or having formed part of the land since before 1 July 1948, and located within the curtilage of the building.

The function of listing is to aid the control of alteration and demolition.  To be listed gives a building prestige value; it is an acknowledgement that the building is special and part of the national heritage that should be cherished.  Advice and help is available from the Borough Council.  Grade I and II* buildings may attract financial help from Historic England, especially if they are on the Buildings at Risk Register.

Demolition and New Development

The demolition of all or part of any listed building, or of most building structures (except those erected since 1 July 1948) within the curtilage of a Listed Building, require Listed Building Consent.  New development within the curtilage of a listed building, but not physically attached thereto, will require planning permission.


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