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Food Safety

Food Business Inspections

All food businesses in the area are visited on a regular basis. The types of food premises includes restaurants, cafes, supermarkets, shops, warehouses and manufacturers.

The frequency of visits depends on the nature of the business and the condition of the premises. The better the management of the business, the less frequently we would inspect.

Inspections are usually carried out without an appointment so that officers can get a true picture of what happens on a day to day basis within the business. Officers undertake inspections during the day, in the evenings and at weekends.

A wide range of options are available to deal with any problems found. These range from giving advice through to prosecution. Details of how legislation is enforced can be found on our Food Safety Enforcement Page, or this can be made available to view upon request.

The main benefits of being inspected are:

  • You will receive food safety information pertinent to your business
  • You will receive a written report after the inspection
  • Officers will make clear what you have to do to comply with all relevant legislation and also advise on recommendations of good practice. This can assist to improve hygiene standards within a business, which can result in achieving a better Food Hygiene Rating
  • You will receive your "Food Hygiene Rating" window sticker following the inspection. This provides customers with information on the food safety controls and systems in place, and helps them decide which food premises they wish to eat in

Last updated: 29/03/2021