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Food Safety

Health Protection Section

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All businesses need to ensure that they are aware of the legal requirements that apply to their business. There are a number of free sources of advice available to you. There is a website which provides guidance on most areas of legislation enforced by Environmental Health and Trading Standards. It is called ERWIN (everything regulatory whenever it's needed) and provides guidance which is particularly suited to small and medium sized businesses

ERWIN - http://www.businesscompanion.info/ is a free simple online tool which provides information on what you need to do to comply in an easy language (no complicated legal terms!) all in one place. It covers lots of other business requirements too. It also tells you what is most important i.e. what you should do first!

Go to the site, sign up and log on and complete the checklists. If you sign up you will also receive regular updates when there are changes to the law.

The Health Protection Section of the Council is responsible for inspecting all food premises in the area, along with providing information, advice and training on food hygiene matters. The Section also deals with complaints relating to food purchased or manufactured within the area and complaints concerning conditions in food premises. We also investigate notifiable cases of infectious disease, and food poisoning.

Further information can be found on the specific functions listed below:

Last Updated:05/10/2017