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Event Safety Management

Event Safety Management Guides

These are a series of documents used throughout the county and are designed to help event organisers. The documents provide guidance on subjects an event organiser should consider when planning an event and templates are provided to assist in the management of those events.

These documents are recommended for completion and are often reviewed at Safety Advisory Group meetings held at councils across the county in advance of an event. As these documents cover areas such as transport, noise, child and vulnerable adult safeguarding, fire safety, crowd control etc. they will be reviewed by all relevant agencies and advice and guidance have been incorporated into these documents to assist event organisers.

Northamptonshire Health and Safety Liaison Handbook

Event Management Guide

Event Management Plan Template

Event Management Risk Assessment Template

Hazard and Risk Guidance

Northants Events Matrix

If you have any questions in relation to completing these documents or about your event you plan to hold, please contact the local authority the event will be held in for further advice.


Last updated 04/08/2016