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Town Centre Area Action Plan Development Plan Document

The Town Centre Area Action Plan Development Plan Document (AAP for short) sets the direction for the future development of the town centre to 2021. It includes specific proposals for key areas of change as well as more general planning policies for the town centre and will be used by the Council in making decisions on planning applications. The AAP was adopted by the Council on 21st July 2009.

Preparation of the AAP passed through several stages prior to adoption. These stages are set out below, with the most recent listed first.     

  • Inspectors Report - The Inspectors conclusion on the soundness of the Plan.
  • Public Examination - Independant Examination by an Inspector into the Soundness of the Plan.
  • Site Allocations Representations - consultation on a further site put forward for development at the submission consultation stage.
  • Submission AAP - The AAP is prepared and submitted to the SoS for the first stage of examination followed by another period of consultation.
  • Preferred Options - A period of community involvement on the Council's preferred approach to the policies and proposals to be contained in the Plan.
  • Issues & Options 2007 - Further technical studies undertaken plus a workshop followed by a further period of consultation on map based options.
  • Issues & Options 2006 - The first stage in the preparation of the AAP. An initial Issues and Options document set out some key issues for the town centre and the wider borough.


Last Updated: 30/01/2014