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Site Specific Proposals Development Plan Document

The Site Specific Proposals Development Plan Document (SSP DPD) is no longer being progressed by the council. The government have introduced major changes to the planning system through the NPPF, the council are now producing the Plan for the Borough of Wellingborough in line with these changes. 

The SSP DPD was going to be a plan that covered the whole of the Borough with the exception of the town centre, which is covered by the Town Centre Area Action Plan. The SSP DPD intended to include policies and proposals that related to specific areas of land across the Borough (such as housing and employment) and a number of other policies that would be used in the determination of planning applications.

There were several stages in the preparation of the SSP DPD, however it only reached the preferred option stage. Click on the links below for further information on the plan making process of the SSP DPD. 

  • Issues and Options - A period of survey and evidence gathering in order to determine the issues that the Plan needs to address and the range of options to consider when deciding the preferred approach.
  • Preferred Options - A period of community involvement on the Council's preferred approach to the policies and proposals to be contained in the Plan.
  • Pre-Submission - The Pre-submission stage of the SSPDPD will be subject to  consultation over several weeks. At this stage representations should be made in relation to legal compliance and soundness of the plan.
  • Submission Plan - The representations received at the Pre-submission stage are taken into consideration in preparing the Plan for submission to the Secretary of State. The Submission Plan is subject to a further period of public consultation.  
  • Independent Examination - by an Inspector into the soundness of the Plan
  • Adoption - of the Inspector's binding report.

More information

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