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North Northamptonshire Joint Core Strategy

The North Northamptonshire JCS is the strategic part of the Local Plans for Corby, East Northamptonshire, Kettering and Wellingborough. It is prepared by the North Northamptonshire Joint Committee, made up of elected representatives from the District, Borough and County Councils, and provides the basis for more detailed plans prepared by the District and Borough Councils and by Neighbourhood Planning Groups.

The JCS outlines the big picture for North Northamptonshire over the period to 2031, including making provision for a minimum 35,000 homes and 31,100 jobs and the necessary supporting infrastructure. The JCS sets out policies to guide this development, including focussing on how the places in North Northamptonshire can be changed for the better.

The amount of growth proposed is less than in previous plans and most of the development sites already have planning permission. The main ‘new’ proposals are for a sustainable urban extension with around 2,500 homes to the East of Rushden, and a number of strategic employment sites.

The JCS was adopted on 14 July 2016. The JCS is now formally part of the Development Plan for North Northamptonshire and supersedes the 2008 Core Spatial Strategy in its entirety and also the saved Local Plans policies listed at Appendix 3 of the Plan.

The Adopted Joint Core Strategy incorporating formatting changes (paragraph numbering, etc) and factual updates (including those on the JPU’s schedule of Minor updates), has now been published on the JPU web site here, and following the conclusion of the legal challenge period, the plan has been made available at the locations specified in the adoption statement.

Hard copies of the JCS have been printed and are now available to order from the JPU via the following link http://www.nnjpu.org.uk/news/newsdetail.asp?id=78

Other documents relating to the preparation and adoption of the plan can be found on the JPU’s website http://www.nnjpu.org.uk

Further Information

For further information please contact the Joint Planning Unit on 01832 742358 or consultation@nnjpu.org.uk