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Local Planning Application Requirements (PAR)


From 6th April 2008, it was made mandatory for planning applications to be made only on the 1APP forms. It is also mandatory to include all of the information and documents specified on the form (the national requirements) together with the additional information and documents specified by the Local Planning Authority to whom the application is made (the local requirements).

By virtue of s.327A of the Town and Country Planning Act 1990, the Local Planning Authority will not be able to entertain applications which fail to meet these specifications.

The local list of requirements for planning applications submitted to the Borough Council of Wellingborough are detailed at the following links:
  • Validation Checklist (xls) - lists the supporting information needed by application types. Move your mouse over the relevant application type column and each requirement row to see what information needs to be submitted.

Last Updated: 24/05/2016