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Lawful Development Certificates Information

Certificates of Lawfulness

If you want to be certain that the existing use of a building is lawful for planning purposes or that your proposal does not require planning permission you can apply for a Lawful Development Certificate (LDC).

It is not compulsory to have an LDC but there may be times when you need to confirm that the use, operation or activity named in it is lawful for planning control purposes.

If you need an LDC, you can apply to the council via the Planning Portal.   In the case of an existing use or operation it will be your responsibility to provide evidence to support your claim that the development is lawful. For a proposed operation or use, you will need to explain why the development can be carried out without planning permission.

You can find more information in the DCLG Guidance - Lawful Development Certificates: A User's Guide.

Applications have a limit of 8 weeks to reach decision stage.


Last Updated:  ‎25‎/‎01‎/‎2019‎

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