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Advertisement consent

In addition to controlling development, the Local Planning Authority is responsible for controlling the display of advertisements within the Borough, and consent is required for the display of these advertisements. However, the Government has taken many types of sign outside of Local Council control. These have deemed consent. Please view the document Outdoor Advertisements and Signs: A Guide for Advertisers produced by the Department of Communities and Local Government for further information.

As of 13 December 2013, in accordance with the Secretary of State's Notice of Approval a large part of central Wellingborough is now formally designated as an Area of Special Control of Advertisements and thereby subject to stricter controls over the types of advertisements which need consent under the Advertisement Regulations 2007.

If your proposal is not within the deemed consent categories, you will need to apply to the Council for advertisement consent on forms available from the Planning Portal.

It is an offence to display an advertisement without first having obtained consent.


Last Updated: 14/01/2014